The Graduate Institute of Applied Information Technology


Institute of Applied Information Technology was founded in August of 2005. We strive to cultivate students competitiveness to cope with the challenge of globalization and to better equip them with abilities of information system management, information technology application, and commercial technology management in a new era.



  1. To emphasize on both theory and practice:
    The integrated field including network technology, information security, data mining and digital contents. Especially on the ability of logical thinking and application of IT which can be dedicated to student
    s R&D and technology management careers after their graduation.

  2. The requirement of professional licensing and certification:
    Students are required to be certified with at least one professional licensing before their graduation in order to enhance their competitiveness in the work force.

  3. The joint to research projects
    Faculties of the Institute of Applied Information Technology preside at government supporting research projects. Students are invited to get involved in these research projects. 

  4. Advanced equipments
    The SUN Fire 6800, HP workstation laboratory and the ORACLE database are available for all of the faculties and students use.